Thursday, June 16, 2005

why I want to go back to Spain...

...or, Orlando Bloom just isn't the spunkiest thing in Kingdom of Heaven...

went and saw KoH again on tuesday night with The Man From Portland(tm). this time, I got to sit far enough back from the screen so the action wasn't as blurry. yay!

anyway, apart from the mighty boots-n-all action (which I love as much as the next Lemming) it's just so beautifully evocative. all that spunky Arabic armour, the fabrics, the scenery, the souks, Eva Green swanning around in delicious jewellery and fabrics and henna (although they cheated with her fingernails, it wouldn't have worn off like that. it grows out with your nails). all that incense. there are a couple of times where you see people eating oranges, something which would have been a lot more exotic and luscious than we think of now.

and Sala'hadin. woohoo! talk about noble bearing and he had the spunkiest helmet n'est pas?

most of the palace interiors were shot in the Real Alcazar in Sevilla, Spain. it's a beautiful palace, not as mind-blowing as the Alhambra & Generalife in Granada (I could bore you witless with how stunning that is), but you still go wow. here's a picture I took a couple of years ago. so beautiful. so Mummy can I have one?

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