Thursday, June 16, 2005

WTF? Are you out of your mind?

Pretty catchy title hey? Shame this post is about house building. Well, actually about a house that is going to be built, as soon as we can agree on a design. We pretty much know what it's going to look like, what size rooms are going to be etc. We are just discovering that we have completely different, but equally crap, ideas on interior design. You know how some people just have that knack of thowing a few things together, and it works? Well if we do that it looks like we've thrown a few things together and really need to get our crap sorted out. Not the look we are after.

Dave would like to do a spiral or concentric circle pattern of floor tiles in the ensuite. He found some marble tiles he liked yesterday, which were grey and white, which he thought would do nicely. The only catch was that they were effectively $300 a square metre, which would mean it would cost $1200 to buy the tiles for a 4m2 ensuite. This is so not going to happen. Especially since it would also cost a bomb to get a tiler to actually lay them, or Dave would have to do it himself on weekends, which is also not going to happen. Besides that, since when has my ensuite been grey and white? Hello? Little bit of 'I wonder what Mindy would like in her house' would come in handy here. It's all about Me!

We then discussed the double shower that Dave has always wanted. Now I don't have any issues with a double shower, until he suggested that to fit it in, we'd have to shrink the walk thru robe. I nearly ended up with a linen cupboard as a wardrobe, girls. I mean WTF! His complaints that it would be nine feet high fell on very cranky ears let me tell you. We then decided to try other options, like a nifty little toilet whose cistern fits into a corner, with a matching corner basin, or a shower curtain rather than a shower screen, all which would have worked until we realised that if we were both in the bathroom at the same time, one of us would have to stand in the shower because there wasn't enough room for two people to stand together in the ensuite. Back to the drawing board. After much discussion about what had to give, and it wasn't going to be my wardrobe, we measured up the nursery in our current house and decided that it was probably more than big enough for a study, so we pruned 30cm off the study to add to the ensuite, which cunningly added another 30cm to the wardrobes as well. We then masking taped the outline of the ensuite onto the tile floor in the entry way so we could see how everything fit. Yay, we can both stand in it together now.

Later I sat and worried about this being one little room at one end of the house. How is he going to react when I ban beige completely? What about when I want a blue kitchen? Or a green bathroom? (If anyone out there with better colour sense than me thinks I'm going to far please feel free to say so). What about my dark coloured carpet? How are we going to survive planning much less building this house?

A little closer to house building time I'm actually going to set up a separate blog on building the house so I can whinge to my heart's content without putting people off Forbattle! I see some battles ahead...

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