Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oh the prety pretty lights..

Step 1 - take some form of illicit substance

Step 2 - click here or here
Step 3 - drag yourself back to reality before you forget to eat

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And now, for their next trick...

Nothing like a bit of Tesla action to get you over hump day.

We all love work

It always does seem to me that I am doing more work than I should do. It is not that I object to the work, mind you; I like work; it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours. I love to keep it by me; the idea of getting rid of it nearly breaks my heart.

You cannot give me too much work; to accumulate work has almost become a passion with me; my study is so full of it now, that there is hardly an inch of room for any more. I shall have to throw out a wing soon.

And I am careful of my work, too. Why, some if the work that I have by me now has been in my possession for years and years, and there isn’t a finger-mark on it. I take a great pride in my work; I take it down now and then and dust it. No man keeps his work in a better state of preservation than I do.

But, though I crave for work, I still like to be fair. I do not ask for more than my proper share.

But I get it without asking for it – at least, so it appears to me – and this worries me.

From “Three men in a Boat”, Jerome K. Jerome, Chapter 15.

First published 1889.

Monday, October 15, 2007

New term for software

I've heard of freeware and shareware and copyleft software. This is a new term I encountered today when I actually had a look through the license agreement. It made me think what nice people nerds are.

"Vim is Charityware. You can use and copy it as much as you like, but you are
encouraged to make a donation for needy children in Uganda. Please see |kcc|
below or visit the ICCF web site, available at these URLs:


You can also sponsor the development of Vim. Vim sponsors can vote for
features. See |sponsor|. The money goes to Uganda anyway."

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Study Avoidance 101

The playing of mousetrap led to the hubby-inspired home built Rube Goldberg machine, which fires a Lego cannon, however has nothing on what engineering students avoiding study will come up with...
Here's my favourite. Homemade, avoiding study - something to inspire Nw & Topsy!

Though the Japanese titles look fairly fiercely contested... The ramen noodle one does go on a bit but seems to use every trick in the book. Whack Rube Goldberg machine into Google and enjoy!



If I leave now I might just make it...

Zombie Yoga

This pose would be perfect

Friday, October 12, 2007

A cunning fruity plan

Tina and I picked mulberries today. And as you can see certain small creatures enjoyed it.

As you are probably aware, I have a cunning plan that involves invading Mindy's place in January to visit the Blueberry Farm.

But we thought we'd look up what was available locally. There is a place in Bilpin that does pick-your-own nectarines and plums for $3.50 per kg. They are open the first weekend in December.

So who's up for a morning in an orchard?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Part two of the three part Russian film series directed by that Kazakh guy beginning with T.

Nightwatch was the first and it was fluxxing awesome.

It opens here on October the 18th.

The plot revolves around Tamerlane the Kazakh warlord. So read up on your Tamerlane/Timor the Lame history and myths associated with his burial ie whoever dug up his bones would be invaded (The Russians did and Operation Barbarossa started the next day); and if his was reinterred properly the invaders would be defeated. His reburial coincided with the surrender of the German Sixth Army at Stalingrad, and from then on Jerry was in retreat.

Monday, October 08, 2007


or what?!?

not just groovy... McGroovy (but not in a golden arches kind of way, thank goodness, although if these were in a happy meal I reckon we'd all be sorely tempted)!

the site also has totally cool plans to make stuff out of cardboard boxes, like castles and spaceships. have a browse. click your tongue at Mr McGroovy's assertions that his box rivets are better than duct tape. hey, McGroovy, I like your product but duct tape... I thought that was sacred? ;-)

cross-posted at ForRattle! with the big piccy of the cardboard castle.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Grenades 4 Kids

Porl sends us this little gem, which manages to be funny yet terrifying at the same time...

Friday, October 05, 2007

This has got to be about the stupidest ad I've ever seen. So stupid, in fact, that I felt the need to share my pain with you, lucky listeners. Sure, its for an free on-line computer game, so its written by 14-year-olds for 14-year-olds, but still, lets recap the design meeting down at the playground:

"It should have a naked chick on it!"
"Yeah! With ENORMOUS titties!"
"And we can write 'Free to play' between her legs... *snicker*"
"But we still need a name for our game..."

I haven't looked at the game to see if its really as lame as the ad sets it up to be; somehow I'm not much interested in getting into the character - either way - of a multiplayer game based on someone dressed like a ho and nicknamed Nora of the Pox.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The fact that I was drinking some wine when Finn sent this to me makes it even more amusing...

A recipe for dinner lunch?

[1] Mouse brought bought purchased Settlers and the expansion from Socrates at Rhodes.

When we were in Melbourne for Jake's wedding we visited Casa Iberica and brought bought purchased:

[2] New paella pan from Spain (deeper than the last one but made of mild steel, rather than stainless, and considerably cheaper).

[3] Drinking chocolate, made by Nestle but imported from Mexico.

[4] Chippotle chiles in a can, from Mexico (Jake introduced me to this smoky, spicy treat).

[5] Paella seasoning from Spain.

[6] Piri Piri sauce from Portugal.

So the plan, and as a bit of a homage to Rob and Coz, is to have Paella followed by Settlers of Catan. In deference to the wee ones we were thinking of a lunchtime affair, like turn up at 11:00, get fed by 12:00 and play some settlers.

I suspect there will be enough of us that we can do some child minding swaps while the games are on.

So, who's in?

P.S. You don't have to have kids to come along : )