Thursday, January 26, 2017

Time Capsule

So I mentioned before that I'd been contacted by time travelers.  I wanted to do a follow-up on the latest developments, and it needed a bit more space than FB really allows...  Viva ForBattle!

(Once more for the uninitiated; if you know the truth behind all this, please refrain from telling me.  I'm carefully avoiding googling any of it, because frankly I'm enjoying the ride and don't want to spoil it.  I'm actually feeling a little bad about spoiling it for you all instead of signing you up for it, but I figure it's a little late now...)

So back in December, I got a letter claiming to be from a law firm representing my great uncle Sherman Moser.  Which would have to be a heretofore unknown brother of my father's father.  They said that I had inherited something from his estate which they would send along shortly, along with some letters from one of their other clients.  Sounded a bit like a scam, but whatever.

Then earlier this month I got another packet from the same firm, with a bunch of letters.  These letters were dated and postmarked at various times between 1942 and 2010, and were written on the backs of what appeared to be period documents.  They all fit together as pieces of a single tale: a time traveler was lost in time, and his partner was searching for him.  She needed to know when exactly he was in order to be able to fetch him back.  The information she needed was encoded on some sort of map, which would be left to me by my great uncle.  All I had to do was keep the map and hand it down to my descendants, and she would pick it up from them later to get the info she needs.  (Might perhaps have done better research on the likelihood of my having any descendants, but I've got a niece who's a Dr Who fan...)  At this point I'm thinking this is too elaborate to be a scam; this has got to be some kind of awesome service that you can sign people up for.

Today part III arrived:
(Lurking Coz not included.)
Within was a radiocarbon dating report, putting the origin of some artifact at somewhere between 440 and 520 AD, an Italian newspaper article about a naked woman appearing in a restaurant out of nowhere, scribbling a letter on the back of a menu, begging the owner to mail it, and then disappearing again, and this:

It's a star map, of a portion of the sky around the North Star.  Matches the description of an artifact mentioned in a newspaper article included with the very first letter.  Said artifact my supposed uncle Sherman supposedly dug up in an archaeological dig.  The big circle on the left panel could be the sun or a planet or the moon I suppose, since the ecliptic passes through that part of the sky.  It's really quite funky and well put-together (doesn't _really_ feel 1500 years old, mind, but still...)

Don't know if this is the end or not - can't wait to see if there's more.  If it _is_ a scam then a) it's the most elaborate one I've ever heard of, and b) when they finally get around to asking me for money, I think I'm liable to send them $20 and a note saying "well done!"