Thursday, April 04, 2013

Sith Names

I was thinking on the way to work this morning - because, you know, youTube videos of babies with lightsabers should probably not be consumed before breakfast - and I've decided to join the Sith.  I mean everyone was all trendy and jumped on the Jedi bandwagon, spawning headlines in the Telegraph like "Jedi the largest alternative religion in the UK" ("alternative" apparently being defined as "not bigger than Jedi".)  So its time to move on to the new hip thing - Emo Jedi.  And more importantly, I want to get in before all the good names are taken.

So the rules for geting your Sith name are apparently simple:
  1) You pick a word you like the sound of that starts with IN.  Like INvader, or INsidious.
  2) You add Darth and lop off the IN.

The problem is that the prefix IN on a word often means "not", so you have to be careful not to end up with a meaning you didn't quite want.  Some names I am considering:

Darth Sulator
Darth Fluenza
Darth Frared
Darth Spector
Darth Cur
Darth K (yo!)
Darth Fidel (apparently already taken by some guy in Cuba who got in way early.)

Some names you might end up stuck with, if you wait too long to join:

Darth Continent
Darth Competent (actually, this is my vote for the new head of our order.  We could use some competence.)
Darth Complete
Darth Attentive
Darth Comprehensible
Darth Hospitable
Darth Ept
Darth Flammable
Darth Fomercial
Darth Seminate

Disney, you're welcome to use any of these you like. Darth Brooks does NOT fit the pattern, and is not allowed.