Friday, November 28, 2008

For next year...

I expect Coz n Ob to have this on their front lawn or a bloody good reason why not.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stuff sent to me at work

I love that I'm working in a cube farm full of nerds... It's a comfortable, familiar place. I'm even starting to have half a clue about what I'm doing....although I screwed up some SQL yesterday.

I am one of the older nerds at work, but nerd interests don't seem to stray too far. There was a surge of interest in Magic cards not too long ago. I took the cards in but haven't yet had the time to face anyone in a game. (Mind you, the goblin desk is still looking good)

Anyway, occasionally there is an amusing link send around. Here are two that amused me...

19th Century vampire hunting kit

and an amusing Chinese sign... (DV don't look)

like a puppy getting lucky with a lassie

There something not quite right with that Cap Empire lyric....

While I have your attention, you should all book for Yule Feast. I know you are coming but I want to make sure you'll be there.

Also, you should also all send Fliss a message today to tell her that you are going to Turkey Day. We don't want to have a shortage of food!!!!!

Okay everyone, as you were.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I love Aunty

A mother's group friend came by a number of free tickets to see the latest Hi-5 concert and invited us along. I figured a free concert couldn't hurt and we could always leave if it was too much for the Crankmaster. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

If you asked the Crankmaster, and if he could answer in language unbroken by gibberish, he'd probably tell you that the best bits of the concert was the big balloons they threw into the audience and the camera on a crane. And possibly mention the popcorn which was bought by another parent and shared by the kids.

He was quite rivetted.... or perhaps shell shocked. I'm not quite sure which. He did sit motionless for the performance.... until the balloons came out. We left halfway through because it was getting close to naptime and I didn't want to fight the crowds to get home with an overtired child.

It was fun, but it seemed to me to be kinda dodgy children's entertainment. It was certainly pitched for an audience older than MrJ, but I was quite aware of that when I went.

First up, the concert was in a stadium which seated thousands. We were in the first balcony about 100m from the stage. Then there was the massive stands of merchandising for sale in the foyer. The stage was very bright and colourful. There were a lot of sound effects and lighting and costume and much hype of the "I can't hear you..." variety. Every song and dance seemed to involve some sort of toy prop, which no doubt could be found in the aforementioned merchandising stand.

In contrast, I got free tickets to see the Jay concert last year. All the music was played live and accousticly. The theatre was about 40 rows deep. The stage was a backyard setting. And there was only one prop.... a plastic bottle. We've also been watching a lot of Play School at the moment, with many episodes featuring Jay. All the activities have a home made feel.

The ABC style kids entertainment seems to invite the kids to think and imagine and to do things while the Hi-5 style seemed to push the passive watch and buy stuff.

I know which one I prefer my child to watch.

Mind you, I don't expect I'd pass up a free ticket for any sort of kids entertainment in future. I'd think twice about paying for some stuff.

By the way, does anyone know a source for the massive balloons.... They WERE funky.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friends! Romans! Computer geeks!

House of Single Entendre strikes again...

Speedy: ... and then once I've moved those crates, I can unpack those boxes full of crockery, and -
Mendoza: More? You have more crockery?
Speedy: Yes. There's still space in those dressers you know.
Mendoza: How many services does a girl need?
Speedy: ...
Mendoza: ...
Speedy: ...
Mendoza: ...
Speedy: ... like I was saying...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Generate your own press release


Not that I generally endorse the Telegraph, but this form is actually amusing and clever. I want a Minister to be caught knitting at the Lord Mayor's Halloween party...

At least it is some light amusement following the mini-budget, which (thankfully) wasn't as bad for our department as it could have been.

Monday, November 10, 2008

click to make it bigger and admire MissFliss' handiwork

Turkey Day is on the way...

Sat 29th Nov 2008

from 2pm, turkey on the tables about 7pm...

Full details available at:

There's an invite too... if anyone can let me know how to upload pdf files to a post... adding as an image didn't seem to work.

DV, you managed it last year - which technical whatsit did you use?

Friday, November 07, 2008

Well Holandos

I guess this is goodbye. World Vision have written to say that you have left the program to purse further studies at another location. While I sincerely hope that this is true, I'm not sure that this is a step that many ten year olds would take. I suspect that the last time something happened in Haiti, it happened to you. But maybe you are still out there, and maybe one day you might google your name. So this is for you.

Holandos Misistre DOB 3/6/1998 in Haiti. When I first sponsored you in 2003 you weren't yet at school and your favourite game was soccer. You helped look after the animals that your mother raised and sold to support your family. Your dad had left the family and you didn't know where he was. Later I got another photo of you in your school uniform. Your ambition was to become a chauffeur and drive nice cars. I got a couple of drawings from you, and I sent back Christmas cards and birthday cards for you each year. But this year I didn't hear from you at all, and I didn't send the birthday card. I'm sorry if you missed it. If by chance you ever do read this, Holandos, know that there is a lady in Australia who is wondering how you are and hoping that life has treated you kindly. Goodbye Holandos.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Monday, November 03, 2008

Dammit! Whats the name of this movie?

That I have stuck in my head, and am trying to tell some other folks that they need to go watch, but I can't remember the name of?

Post-Crouching Tiger, stylistically beautiful movie set in the beginnings of the Chinese empire-building phase, where they tell the same story several times from different points-of-view, using colour to differentiate between the different storylines. And it had that gorgeous scene with the falling leaves, and ends with the shot of a man's outline picked out on a wooden door in arrows.

I tried scrounging around in imdb, but when you type something like the above into a search engine, it just crawls off in a corner and sulks. Statistically, you guys are better at reading my mind. (I also thought there was a post on ForBattle about it, and I've just spent a fairly amusing half-hour digging through the archives - an experience I heartily recommend to all and sundry - but couldn't find it.)